About Us

Amajambere Iwacu Community Camp (AICC) was established in 1994 by families that were displaced at the demarcation of Mgahinga Gorilla National Park (MGNP). AICC was started to provide an avenue for the local families that lost farmland at the creation of MGNP to earn revenue from the new alternative source of revenue – tourism.

The camp started with minimal operations, however, with support from friends in Sweden and a grant from the USAID Peace Corps program, the community managed to construct bandas to provide accommodation to tourists. Investing in a community tourism campsite would also strengthen the relationship between the park management and the communities, ultimately contributing to the conservation efforts of the endangered mountain gorillas.

Apart from providing accommodation to tourists visiting Mgahinga National Park, AICC directly supports community based initiatives including:

  • Providing employment opportunities at the camp.  As of 2017, there are 10 local employees staffing the camp.
  • Supporting handcraft groups for women. 
  • The campground acts a free resource center and training venue for the local community.
  • The main offices of Mgahinga Community Development Organization are located at Amajambere Camp grounds.

Giving back to the community

  • The Amajambere Iwacu Community Camp supports community based initiatives. We have funded construction of classrooms at two local primary schools
  • The camp provides English lessons, and environmental and tourism awareness programmes to about 100 children per year
  • The camp sensitizes members of the Mgahinga community about nature conservation through various initiatives
  • The camp is a source of employment for the local people
  • In order to support the local economy, the camp acquires all of its fruits, vegetables and food from surrounding communities