Accommodation Rates

Accommodation at Amajambere Iwacu Community Camp is provided in two self-contained bandas, one banda with a shared bathroom, and a family banda with three rooms (two ensuite and one room with a shared bathroom). There is a dormitory with three bunker beds (6 beds), but we prefer if only three people use the dorm. There is ample space for camping with your own tent/rooftop on the vehicle.

Accommodation Rates (USD) July 2022-December 2024

1. Ensuite Bandas x2 (private bathroom)​

Double or Twin Banda:  $100, $70 BB, $60 BO 
Single: $55 FB. pn, $40 BB, $35 BO

2. No-self-contained Banda x1 (shared bathroom)

Double/Twin: $70, $40 BB, $30 BO 
Single: $45 FB. pn, $30 BB, $25 BO

3. Family Banda x3 rooms

a) Ensuite Rooms (2)

Double or Twin Occupancy: $80, $50 BB, $40 BO
Single Occupancy: $55 FB. pn, $40 BB, $35 BO

b) Non-Self-Contained Room (1)

Single Occupancy Only: $45, $30 BB, $25 BO

4. 3-Bed Dormitory x1 (shared bathroom)

$30 FB, $15 BB, $10 BO

5. Camping

Camping with your own tent: $25 FB, $10 BB pp, $5 BO

Key: FB= Full Board, BB= Bed & Breakfast, BO= Bed only, pp= per person, pn= Per night.

For a detailed tariff, please Contact Us